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Mr. Camino's Story

Cafe Camino was formed after founder Rodger Macready, aka Mr Camino, completed the 780km pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago, in the autumn of 2012, and again in the winter of 2014. 


Following the medieval route across the Pyrenees and Northern Spain, every day pilgrims from all over the globe set out on foot following the signs of a shell or yellow arrow to navigate their way along the route.


Each night pilgrims stay in traditional albergues or pilgrim hostels, enjoying the unique camaraderie of the Camino, sharing simple meals, wine and great conversation.


Cafe Camino Events and Catering Paella

So impressed by the incredible variety of food and atmosphere generated in each venue along his journey, Rodger was inspired to create something similar on his return home. 


In 2012 Rodger launched Cafe Camino, working with international Chef Marco Jaeger to bring the spirit of the Camino to the table with a selection of authentic Spanish paella and tapas. In 2015 Rodger launched Cafe Camino Events & Catering.


Now you too can experience this spirit and atmosphere of the Camino in your home or venue.

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